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Section I: Human Essentials and Uncovering Unarticulated Tensions

The first chapter in the series will outline the importance of identifying tensions for the success of your brand and provide strategies to successfully achieve this. The key to achieving behavioral change is understanding how people make decisions. Perceptions and behaviors are entrenched within subconscious decision-making loops which makes transforming perceptions and behaviors exceptionally difficult, […]
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Message+: Nuances between personal and non-personal promotion

Effective message testing plays a vital role in marketing and communication research as it allows us to understand the effectiveness and impact of product messages on target audiences. However, when conducting message tests, it is essential to consider the nuances between personal and non-personal promotion. Personal promotion, facilitated by a sales representative or an MSL, […]
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Deriving Actionable Insights From Multiple Data Streams

In today’s healthcare landscape, achieving a successful pharmaceutical marketing strategy requires a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach. Understanding the myriad of factors affecting doctors’ prescribing habits can be complex and elusive. However, leveraging qualitative interviews, geospatial data, and institutional Salesforce data can unlock insights leading to tangible improvements. Lissa Tallman, Ph.D., presents at the Pharma Communication […]
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Not All Demand Studies are Created Equal

Demand studies are a keystone of pharma primary market research (PMR) plans.  Whether you refer to them as demand studies, share assessments, or TPP conjoints, the fundamentals remain the same. In short, organizations are seeking information that will inform uptake, peak share potential, and competitive risk. These considerations are vital for refining forecasts and making […]
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Unlocking Hidden Insights: The Use of Micro-expression Studies in Pharma Market Research

In the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical market research, finding deeper insights beyond reported data is paramount. Jessica VandenPlas, Research Director at OptiBrand Rx, sheds light on a technique employed by our firm – the analysis of micro-expressions. The Power of Micro-expressions Micro-expressions, involuntary facial expressions reflecting real-time emotional states, have been part of market research […]
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The Marketing Blind Spot: What Eye-Tracking Tells Us About What We Don’t See

Learn how eye-tracking and micro-expressions work hand-in-hand with OptiBrand Rx’s new technology: Facial IQ. Quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers can provide valuable information. Understanding what your stakeholders believe, how they behave, and what motivates them is often just a few questions away.  However, even the best respondent can only share […]
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Unlocking Success in Pharma: Lessons from Moneyball and OptiBrand Rx

Sound familiar? High expectations. A limited budget. Well-established competitors. Area ripe for innovation. If so, read on. Whether you’re an avid fan of baseball, literature, or film, you’re probably familiar with the term “Moneyball.” The 2003 book by Michael Lewis, and later, the movie starring Brad Pitt, recounts how Billy Beane, General Manager of the […]
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Transforming Pharmaceutical Marketing: Strategies to Position Your Brand for Success in the Digital Era

When it comes to pharmaceutical marketing, precariousness and high risk are ever-present givens. An estimated 70% of therapeutic brands never achieve their commercial potential, and when sales goals aren’t being met, it’s common to scapegoat messaging. More often than not, the root cause of the issue is not messaging, but rather, an unevolved, out-of-touch positioning […]
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Enhancing Patient Care: The Impact of Patient Support Programs in Pharmaceuticals

If the pandemic proved anything, it’s that we need each other. Whether it’s in-person, telecommunicated, a group chat, a book club, a team sport—human beings rely on a network of support and interaction. Countless studies and academic articles, such as one published by South University, have shown that social foundations are not only fundamental to […]
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The Transformation of Healthcare: Implications for Pharmaceuticals in the Era of Telemedicine

The pandemic changed everything. The way we purchase goods, the way we celebrate milestones, the way we educate ourselves, formally and informally. Our homes became so multi-purpose, that our experiences became multi-faceted. Undoubtedly, healthcare is one such experience that has been forever changed. What does this mean for our relationship to treatment now, and in […]
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